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Business analytics

Business analytics trends 2019

Business analytics has become an essential part of business across the world. Careful analysis of various aspects apart from numbers is what business analysis does – and that’s why the outcomes of this analysis are more reliable and prove to be way beneficial. Let’s have a look at the latest trends, which are reigning the world of business analysis.

Data Quality Management:

While Cloud Storage has made storage of data a lot easy, using this stored data and extracting it as per requirement is important. Quality usage of data and it’s management is what Business analysts are successfully doing. Drawing the data and using it optimally is the main objective of data analysis now – as the best results can be drawn only from the best possible use of data.

Predictive and prescriptive tools:

Mere analysis of data is not enough – you have to be a step ahead. And this is where the Predictive and prescriptive tools come into the picture. So if you’re looking for something better, an outcome which will be more beneficial – head on and use these predictive and prescriptive tools that bring out the best results and also come up with solutions that perfectly fit in with these results.


With increasing efficiency of business analytics, the breach in security has come into the picture too. No longer is data secure – especially when the current threats it is exposed to are considered. But this issue has been tackled and dealt with wonderfully by data and business analyst. New tools have been developed, and they have enhanced security to a greater extent.

Artificial intelligence:

AI is increasingly being collaborated with Business analytics, the yields of which are tremendous. It was expected that AI will soon be a part of Business Analytics, but the fact that it has happened so soon is impressive. Ai can draw details from available data – details which can be missed out by human eye. AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the way business analytics functions, and we’re extremely happy that we finally have something in hand that minimizes errors and generates optimum results.


Cloud connectivity:

Improved cloud connectivity is something that every business analyst would wish for – but the time for wishing has gone away! Improved cloud connectivity is an important part of business analytics, and improved technology has made it possible. The power of cloud analytics is finally being understood by all, and that explains the boom in the usage of this technology in business analytics.